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16 Things I learned in Amsterdam


1. You will be the cause of at least one bike accident during your stay.
2. Guess what? There IS weed in Amsterdam. Everywhere. Get over it.
3. The Red Light District is subdivided into various types of women to fit every taste: on the main streets are model types, but in the different alleys are Hispanics, black women, Asians, even fat chicks…
4. The live sex show is incredibly underwhelming. 
5. There is more free wi-fi in Amsterdam than all of Europe combined.
6. Stoner friendly also means child friendly. Food everywhere, inexpensive, and they’re used to childish behavior.
7. If you don’t get to the Anne Frank house before it opens, don’t even think you’ll be getting in.
8. Nobody’s really sure why the city’s symbol is ‘XXX’.
9. There are two old ladies in the red light district who own an art studio, who are famous prostitutes (they retired). They are pretty much local celebrities.
10. You are never too old for Amsterdam.
11. Amsterdam is quite possibly the most friendly city in Europe. It’s ok to let your guard down a little bit. The guy in the bar who offers you a brownie is probably not trying to get you high, he’s just being friendly.
12. That being said, watch out for the brownies.
13. The coffee cups are micro sized.
14. It is perfectly legal to have sex in the Vondelpark.
15. Cash machines are surprisingly hard to find in the red light district.
16. You will remember this trip for the rest of your life, and will long to come back.